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The Heron Club will be offering a limited number of raised-bed garden spaces to residents for personal use this spring.  This will be the first time we have tried a ‘community garden’ program so we are (for lack of a better description) planning on the run and completing some details on the fly.  At this writing we know:

1.  There will be a limited number of spaces available, so they will be awarded on a lottery basis.  If you would like to place your name in the lottery for a garden space, stop by or call the office.  We’ll put you on the list!  We will be drawing for the garden spaces in early May.

2.  We as still are not certain of the exact size of each space, but each space will be large enough to qualify as a ‘fun’ garden spot with plenty of room for vegetables and/or flower plants.

3.  Each gardener will be solely responsible for the maintenance and care of their space through the season.

4.  Each space will require a one time $20 seasonal use fee.

As stated, the final details have yet to be worked out.  However, if you would like to have a little plot  of land to call your own through the summer, call us or stop by.  We will put your name in the lottery drawing.